Saturday, July 9, 2011

Red (Trainer) from Pokemon Spot:

Most of the time I really enjoy doing costumes with a lot of detail, but occasionally it's fun to do something simple and iconic. For Anime Boston 2009, my group and I decided to do Pokemon trainers. We had a lot of fun with this, and decided who everyone should be. What's more is that coupled with the costume's simplicity, it's very easy to wear, so I've had no trouble bringing it to several conventions.

I started the costume with the base things found in the art. As such, I created the Vs. Seeker, which he wears on a strap of his backpack. My mistake, I wore it on the wrong side for the shoot >.< I didn't care much about the accuracy of the backpack. Usually I take that sort of thing into account, though while I enjoy wearing this costume, I'm not heavily invested in it.

I've also enjoyed playing on the whole "Tall Grass" thing they carry out in each new game. They always but so much emphasis on the concept of walking through it to find Pokemon, I thought it would be entertaining to do a piece on it.

Another nice thing about the costume is that since I'm not too heavily invested in its accuracy, I've made it very customizable. Since having the original props for it (main pokeball and vs. seeker), I've also gotten an electronic pokedex and hand painted several smaller pokeballs. I punked it out a bit for Otakon 2010. About a month prior, I had seen Miyavi live in concert, so I was a bit inspired with the whole pose and slightly angled cap. Doing this has also opened up more possibilities of what cosplay can be to me, and what I can do with it. It's fun to try and focus of accuracy, but it's good to take an original approach too.


  1. Hi, can i know where did you get this hat and this backpack ?

    1. The backpack and hat I believe were both from amazon; however, the hat was originally all red so I painted on the white parts

  2. Where did you get the shirt? Or the parts for the shirt

  3. I am trying to do this costume, too! Where did you get the Vs. Seeker? Or did you make that?