Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cilan Progress

Here's some progress shots for my costume of Cilan from Pokemon Black & White! Coming along pretty well.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

L'Arc~en~Ciel World Tour 2012 Trip

My girlfriend and I wanted to go to a bunch of concerts this month - Distant Worlds and Exist Trace in Boston, and L'Arc~en~Ciel at Madison Square Garden in New York. We didn't think we would be able to see any of them due to financial constraints, so we applied to win tickets for the latter through JaMe USA. Doesn't hurt to try right? Can't win if you do enter. Well neither of us had ever won anything we applied to in such a manner, with so many other possible contestants, but lo and behold, we won! Needless to say, we were ecstatic. That cut down on expenses significantly, and we just had to pay for travel, etc. Here's some of the photos from the trip:

This was the big banner they had set up in Times Square. It was really cool to see.

We had to wait until a few hours before the concert started to actually redeem the tickets so we spent most of it wandering the city. We hit up Uniqlo (everything was on sale!), Nintendo World, Kunokuniya Bookstore, and various other shops along the way. Always fun going to the city. Would love to do some photoshoots there, or do a day of drawing and taking reference pics for illustration work.

We were of the first to enter Madison Square Garden when the doors opened at 7 PM. We were actually a bit surprised at first because the place wasn't packed right from the beginning like it was at the SM Town concert, but it eventually did fill in quite a bit right before the concert started. In this photo you can see all the tiers of seating, so we were 100 level (that's first tier on the diagonal), stage left. We really lucked out with how good of seats we got from those free tickets!

The show began at around 8:30 PM with a video of the band with some cool special effects (showing a world map of the stops of the tour, Hyde looking a lot like Jenova from FF7, followed by him punching the screen in the slow-mo - speed-up style of the movie 300. They finally came on stage and it was a lot of fun to watch.

These two shots were taken at the start of the encore, where they brought a disco ball out. That was really awesome.

A few other things of note. First, L'Arc~en~Ciel is the first ever Japanese band to play Madison Square Garden. It took them 20 years to get to this point so congratulations to them! Second, Ken who spoke English very well did most of the MC. He talked about how he visited the Museum of Natural History because he saw it in "Night at the Museum", and he kept asking his cab driver if it was the museum in the movie. He also bought a Statue of Liberty mug because he thought it was "cute" lol. He also said something about hoping we all enjoy "us". He made a big joke out of it as a play on words because of his Japanese accent - "us" sounded a lot like "ass". So he pointed to his ass saying "not ass, but us!" He's a funny guy. Tetsu for some random and hilarious reason had a basketful of bananas and tootsie pops that he kissed and threw into the audience, while also shooting way at the audience via a squirt gun. Hyde was  awesome as usual with a pretty cool outfit (and awesome hat), and Yukihiro was silent. Lastly, the whole thing was filmed by them for DVD so if you missed the concert or even if you made it, you can see the whole thing that way when it gets released!

Here's Lizz standing next to the tour ad poster just after the concert. It got out at about 10:30 PM

On our way to Grand Central, they were already taking down the banner in Time Square! We contemplated asking for it but realized there was no way we could have carried it with us, let alone hang it somewhere ^^; they probably wouldn't let us anyway.

And I couldn't help myself; some of these lamp posts have pokeballs on them, making the connection of Castelia City in Black and White feel even closer to NYC! XD

Also, this was the setlist which they've played at every stop, courtesy of yuki_kumi.

01. いばらの涙 (Ibara No Namida)
02. CHASE -English version-
-hyde MC-
07. 叙情詩 (Jojoushi)
-ken MC-
08. X X X -English version-
09. fate
10. forbidden lover
-ken MC-
12. Caress of Venus
13. Driver's High
16. あなた (Anata)
17. winter fall
18. Blurry Eyes -tetsuya MC-
-hyde MC-
19. 虹 (Niji)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Costumes Page Up

Set up my costumes page today! Go ahead and click on the "Costumes" tab on the top of the page. Took a while to make all the icons! They all lead you to the costume's profile on I wish I could do that all on here but sadly blogger is a little bit limited... Gotta get workin on my next cosplays now! AB looms near...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just look at that comparison!

Did a big cosplay shopping trip today! Finally got proper colored fabric for the jacket of my Klavier Gavin cosplay from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. I took the photo to show the comparison. Unfortunately it's a crappy cell pick that doesn't bring out the real quality of the cooler purple in the shadow of the jacket in the artwork, but I think you get the idea. I'm not sure I've ever gotten a fabric so close before! I originally made the costume in July for Otakon, rushed it a bit, and ended up not realizing the color of the fabric I got for my jacket was completely wrong. It was a cool purple rather than warm. In fact, I didn't even notice until just recently! Made sure to have the art book on me this time. Go plenty of other things too - a rather expensive Jo-Ann's trip, but I think it will pay off in the end. Working on 3 costumes for Anime Boston. Time to move forward. Gonna try to schedule my time out for the rest of the month so I can divide time between cosplay and art to get everything finished.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Design!

Hope everyone enjoys the new design more.

I unfortunately didn't manage to do much cosplay work for the past half year. I have a lot of other stuff I would like to upload here but hadn't gotten around to it - that ends now! As Anime Boston draws near once again, so does crunch time for my costumes. So over the next month as I create my new work, I'll be posting my progress here.

I've also set up a whole bunch of new pages on here - trying to tinker with all the features blogspot has to offer and how I can use those to represent myself as an artist and cosplayer. I'm considering starting con reports. Maybe not completely detailed ones -- I'm gonna be going to see whatever interests me - but I'll at least highlight those things and my journey with my friends (which always proves to be the most memorable part of every con). I look forward to my future as a cosplayer and the future of this site!

One more thing of note, I will be making a website banner and some other image links soon too.