Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Ordinator from TES III: Morrowind Spot:

The Elder Scrolls games are some of my favorites. They're very entertaining, rich with fantasy, humor, and all that lore one can get really into, and can soak up all your free time with ease. Far too much ease. It was hard to find reference for this costume from online sources, so I ended up taking a lot of in-game screenshots to get all the custom views I needed, multiple angles of all the armor pieces, to try and get it as accurate as possible. And for a first armored costume, I'd say it's not too bad.

The photoshoot for this costume is my pride and joy for it. The costume took 6 months on and off to make, but for all that work, it ended up being scarcely recognized by con-goers at Anime Boston 2009; obviously many of the people weren't familiar with it because it is an American-made fantasy game, not something of Japanese descent. But the hard work paid off in the end - I was able to get a shoot at a location that looked very much like coastal Vvardenfell (in-game land), with its weather. The costume was papier mache so it was quite ruined by the rain, but in my mind, its memory is perfected within this shoot. And I am pleased that so many have enjoyed it on deviantART.

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