Saturday, July 9, 2011

Zombie Samurai Spot:

This is an original costume and concept I developed. I did it for AAC 2010 because it was right before Halloween and the con had a horror theme to it. I used some of the articles from my Jin costume, as well as a kimono I got from the Japan pavilion in Epcot. I did all the makeup and prosthetics myself. It didn't get a huge reception because people thought it was from something but didn't know what, but it turned a lot of heads, so I suppose that in itself is rewarding. The eyes did not have contacts, I just photoshopped those.

Boyfriend from Vocaloid Song - "Just Be Friends" Spot:

I had decided to do this costume with a friend to add an easy Sunday costume to my list, and I really enjoy the song despite it being sad.

And here's my friends together!

Squall Leonhart from Dissidia: Final Fantasy

As soon as I saw this Nomura/Amano hybrid, I knew I wanted to cosplay it, even before Dissidia came out. I thought it was such a cool version of the costume, much more interesting than the original design, and a good modern update to the character.

This ended up being my focus for the summer of 2009. Although it was really hot to wear around Otakon, it was very enjoyable, and a bit easier to wear than Leon.

This costume in fact made it into the Japanese Cosplay book, "Otacool 2". If you're interested in purchasing a copy, you can buy it here:

For this costume, I actually recycled a lot of my Leon costume. One important thing of note is that the coat was a commission. I did not make it as I was crunched for time.

Later in the year, I thought I would challenge myself by making a glowing Lionheart gunblade. I spent a lot of time on it, scoring plexiglass and learning how to use EL Tape lighting. It didn't quite have the effect I was going for and there were several craftsmanship problems, but everyone seemed to think it was the coolest thing ever.

I had wanted to make the Griever a raised design but due to time constraints, I had to improvise a bit.

While it didn't glow overall the way I had hoped, it's still pretty cool.

I dunno why I didn't think to turn the blade light on for this picture. I think I was trying to conserve the battery for my masquerade performance which you can see here:

It was my first masquerade performance and one of my most memorable cosplay and con experiences. Everyone really seemed to love it and people high-fived me all the way back to my seat.

Red (Trainer) from Pokemon Spot:

Most of the time I really enjoy doing costumes with a lot of detail, but occasionally it's fun to do something simple and iconic. For Anime Boston 2009, my group and I decided to do Pokemon trainers. We had a lot of fun with this, and decided who everyone should be. What's more is that coupled with the costume's simplicity, it's very easy to wear, so I've had no trouble bringing it to several conventions.

I started the costume with the base things found in the art. As such, I created the Vs. Seeker, which he wears on a strap of his backpack. My mistake, I wore it on the wrong side for the shoot >.< I didn't care much about the accuracy of the backpack. Usually I take that sort of thing into account, though while I enjoy wearing this costume, I'm not heavily invested in it.

I've also enjoyed playing on the whole "Tall Grass" thing they carry out in each new game. They always but so much emphasis on the concept of walking through it to find Pokemon, I thought it would be entertaining to do a piece on it.

Another nice thing about the costume is that since I'm not too heavily invested in its accuracy, I've made it very customizable. Since having the original props for it (main pokeball and vs. seeker), I've also gotten an electronic pokedex and hand painted several smaller pokeballs. I punked it out a bit for Otakon 2010. About a month prior, I had seen Miyavi live in concert, so I was a bit inspired with the whole pose and slightly angled cap. Doing this has also opened up more possibilities of what cosplay can be to me, and what I can do with it. It's fun to try and focus of accuracy, but it's good to take an original approach too.

The Ordinator from TES III: Morrowind Spot:

The Elder Scrolls games are some of my favorites. They're very entertaining, rich with fantasy, humor, and all that lore one can get really into, and can soak up all your free time with ease. Far too much ease. It was hard to find reference for this costume from online sources, so I ended up taking a lot of in-game screenshots to get all the custom views I needed, multiple angles of all the armor pieces, to try and get it as accurate as possible. And for a first armored costume, I'd say it's not too bad.

The photoshoot for this costume is my pride and joy for it. The costume took 6 months on and off to make, but for all that work, it ended up being scarcely recognized by con-goers at Anime Boston 2009; obviously many of the people weren't familiar with it because it is an American-made fantasy game, not something of Japanese descent. But the hard work paid off in the end - I was able to get a shoot at a location that looked very much like coastal Vvardenfell (in-game land), with its weather. The costume was papier mache so it was quite ruined by the rain, but in my mind, its memory is perfected within this shoot. And I am pleased that so many have enjoyed it on deviantART.

Jin from Samurai Champloo spot:

This costume is fun, I still use it from time to time, but it suffers in large part from the wig, which is of terrible quality. But hey, it was my first wig purchase for a costume and we all start somewhere.

I never got around to doing a proper shoot of this costume.

Leon from Kingdom Hearts II

Here's my spot for the costume:

This was my first 100% completed costume. I really enjoyed wearing it at the time.

A collection of some of the different costume articles. Some didn't end up getting used like the membership card and the data disc.

This was the first time I really tried to go out of my way to make the character more believable, adding things from the in-game world.

I first did this costume in 2006, doing a major update of it in 2007, and debuting it's final form in 2008. It was fun to wear and people seemed to like it a lot, but it was a bit difficult to wear, particularly with all those belts. The gunblade is a bit of a prized possession for me though.

My Cosplay Blog

I think blogging would be a great way to keep track of my own cosplay progress as well as share my work with others. I've seen a lot of other cosplayers do it and it looks good. So for anyone who visits, come here every once in a while to see what new work I have in store. I'll start it off by making several posts of previous cosplay work.