Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nidorino Photoshoot

Here's another cosplay I procrastinated on posting. Actually, I had wanted to do a proper photoshoot for it but kept forgetting, or didn't have the right hair length, etc. So I finally did it! Yesterday in fact! Here's the spot for details.

I actually first did this in Otakon 2010. My friends were all looking at possible gijinka cosplays to do because we had come upon a wealth of designs (all in the style below) that someone had done of like all the freakin' pokemonz! Sadly, only 1 other person ended up following through, my friend you did the partnering Nidorina. I did this one other time at Anime Boston 2011 but I think I'm done with it now.

Here's the reference for the gijinka:

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