Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cilan Photoshoot

Finally got all my Cilan pics sorted and edited! They're on cosplay.com now, and I will soon upload them to deviantart. This shoot was a lot of fun; I tried to emphasize Cilan's optimistic, enthusiastic, and excited-about-freaking-everything nature as portrayed in the anime. Really fun and got stopped a lot during the shoot for photos and hugs from other con goers :3

First off, here's a ref pic of the character:

The shoot was in the courtyard of the Hynes in Boston during Anime Boston 2012 and was taken by my great friend Ken Irons.

I kept this photo because I realized it was really the only full body shot I have:

Just chillin' XD



Here's me with my friend Julia who was cosplaying Oshawott:

Whenever you have a photoshoot, make sure your photographer gets plenty o lovin':

So there you have it! It was definitely a lot of fun to cosplay and was very well received at the con. In fact I kind of wish I had cosplayed him at Otakon too but I'm sure the heat and humidity would have turned my hair into something nasty.

I have some more in depth info on the costume itself on its cosplay.com page as well as the process photos I posted here. One thing of note in particular is that I edited the photos so I would have green eyes; so I did not actually wear green contacts for this costume.

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