Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cilan Progress 2

Ah been a long time since I updated! I get so caught up in stuff that I forget to. I make sure I take lots of progress shots when working on cosplay but always forget to upload them! Anyway I'll do some various posts over the next few days to catalog what I've been doing a bit. So I'll start where I left off with Cilan. The costume's production went very smoothly leading up to Anime Boston.

Here's the finished shoe. The loafers were cheap ones from Wal Mart but they do the job. They're Dr. Scholl's brand too so really comfortable, perfect for a con. I bought the yellow laces separately of course.

Here's how I made the button on the vest. Using the same bright yellow fabric I used for the back tab of the vest, I cut ovals larger than my cardboard base and snipped them all the way around so the finished design would look more oval. There ended up still being a couple points here and there but I think it looked good. After gluing the strips to the cardboard, I covered them in more glue just to seal it up. I think I used Sobo glue maybe? And then I used sticky back velcro to adhere them to the vest.

Here's a test using the colored hairspray. I always use the Jerome Russel brand. It produces very strong saturated colors and looked really great in the final form.

Another test after having sewn poor Pansage's tush to my shoulder.

And the finished cosplay! I'm toying with the idea of making the waiter's apron and napkin when I cosplay this again sometime.

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