Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NYCC 2012

This past weekend I went to New York Comic Con for the first time! It was crazy and overwhelming. But I had fun. Would prefer to return doing the artist alley next year, but had fun nonetheless. I'm going to San Francisco today and I need to get some sleep so this is gonna be a relatively quick post! If you wanna learn more about my perspective on the con as an illustrator, check my other blog.

Waiting for the Yoshitaka Amano panel. Was really cool to see him.

I mentioned all of my highlights as an artist in my illustration blog. But this was one of my cosplay highlights! Getting to meet one of my favorite cosplayers, Vampy! Oh right, my costume btw is a Stormcloak from Skyrim. It's not quite finished yet, but that's what the chain mail was for. I expect to finish this up in November and hope to post a celebration pic for the 1 year anniversary of Skyrim.

We went to Starbucks one morning so I had to get myself a sweetroll based on that Skyrim joke all the guards say.

Kevin went as the Greatest American Hero again, which is funny because most of the popularity of this costume came from an audience of men who grew up with this show in the 80's - even regularly people on the streets of New York outside of the con!

Met up with my buddy Deadpool!

The next day he sported his "Batpool" costume which was really cool! There's Lizz in the shot with him.

Dr. Rockso!

I was really lucky to find these other Skyrim cosplayers cuz there weren't many there. I think it's starting to fizzle out sadly.

This weird guy put a gun to Kevin while he was in his schoolgirl uniform.

Took a few pics of notable things on the show floor too. This scythe is a replica of the one Death uses in Darksiders II. It was hard to get a good pic of with the reflections in the glass.

And Kratos! This was a really cool statue.

Darth Maul made of Legos! The Lego booth was really cool.

And of course lots of cool cars! Like this mystery machine.

Gotta have the Dolorian.

I wasn't familiar with these suits but I thought they looked cool.

I couldn't believe the size of this ad!

And the outside of the convention center with the massive crowd of people flowing into it.

That's all for now! San Francisco calls but I'm excited to resume some costume work in November!

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