Monday, October 1, 2012


I almost forgot! I pre-ordered the collector's edition of Dead or Alive 5! It comes with a poster, art book, soundtrack CD, bonus costumes, and of course the game, all neatly bundled into a really nice looking steel case, as shown below. At only $80 (only $20 more than the game on it's own), it's a steal. I recommend it especially if you're a fighting game fan or DOA enthusiast. I got hooked on DOA2 on Dreamcast, but I've never owned an XBOX so sadly, I couldn't keep going with the series till now.

If you compare the character models to those of DOA4, you'll see the major improvements. The faces are finally realistic to match the bodies. The anime faces were ok but with the realistic bodies, it always looked a bit off to me. Kinda like animegao cosplayers...

I've really wanted to cosplay from DOA for a while. Hayate looks pretty cool, but I might wanna go with Jann Lee. I love Bruce Lee films XD and it would be fun to do his blatant "Enter the Dragon" costume. Maybe I can do this next year. Hopefully that gives me time to work out a bit??

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