Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Design!

Hope everyone enjoys the new design more.

I unfortunately didn't manage to do much cosplay work for the past half year. I have a lot of other stuff I would like to upload here but hadn't gotten around to it - that ends now! As Anime Boston draws near once again, so does crunch time for my costumes. So over the next month as I create my new work, I'll be posting my progress here.

I've also set up a whole bunch of new pages on here - trying to tinker with all the features blogspot has to offer and how I can use those to represent myself as an artist and cosplayer. I'm considering starting con reports. Maybe not completely detailed ones -- I'm gonna be going to see whatever interests me - but I'll at least highlight those things and my journey with my friends (which always proves to be the most memorable part of every con). I look forward to my future as a cosplayer and the future of this site!

One more thing of note, I will be making a website banner and some other image links soon too.

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