Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stormcloak Armor

 Finally, the Stormcloak armor.

Again, since the toning in Skyrim is desaturated, I used a more vibrant cloth than you see in the reference. The jerkin is made from faux leather as are all the belts and pouch. The chainmail parts are just sleeves that are linked across the chest and back, since you only really see the chainmail on the arms anyway. I sewed some leather cord around the arm holes. The blue scarf/sash is a bit tricky to wear because it doesn't want to stay in position too much. I'll probably put in some safety pins when I wear it to a con next.

The gloves are very comfortable. They take a while to get on though, what with the belts. I put everything together except for the gloves which were bought.

The boots are really nice. Really warm too! I used some general purpose cosplay boots as a base and then built the rest around them. The shoe part is suede sewn with leather cord, and the padding is craft foam covered in faux leather.

Here you can see how the jerkin started out. It's lined with wool which was especially nice for my winter photoshoot. 

The pattern on the sash was done in one layer of fabric paint using a stencil.

All done! But doesn't look like it's seen years of wear so...

I used scissors and sandpaper to weather it.

Here's the two finished sleeves.

The fur was actually made from thin fur ribbon strips that they sold in a roll at Jo-Ann's, so I had to sew them together to make bigger pieces, like those seen all the way around the boots.

My next post should be pics from the shoot!

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  1. this is incredible! Are you selling it or one like it? I'd love to buy one