Sunday, January 27, 2013

Skyrim Dinner Party!

This was from a couple months back but I thought I'd upload it for fun anyway. There's so much delicious food in Skyrim that to honor the game's 1 year anniversary, we decided to have a dinner party!

Here we have Elsweyr fondue that I made using this recipe. Skyler brought the grapes to represent "jazbay grapes".

The bread we used for the fondue was braided (as seen in the Hearthfire expansion) and made by Kevin. He also brought cream soda to represent mead lol.

Alduin watches over the meal...

I also made the beef stew and apple dumpling (Hearthfire). Kevin brought fried chicken, and Skyler the orange (Sabre Cat's Eye) and beef jerky (charred Skeever hide).

Set up display I did with random stuff! Was trying to set the tone, make it feel like the civil war was going on with the battle map. I also included some stuff from the Oblivion collector's edition. And there's also my in-progress stormcloak costume.

 Lastly we've got dessert. I made the Snowberry Crostata using this recipe. I substituted blackberries and raspberries for currents.

Skyler made the honey nut treats. They had a very precarious taste - nutty, sweet, salty, and a tad spicy.

And lastly, Sammy made the Trollfat Pudding! Manilla wafers were used to decorate it like a troll lol. It had a banana base, and green food coloring for the pudding part. Man this was delicious. Chris also brought an apple pie, but there was so much damn food we couldn't get to everything.

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